Asheboro Animal Hospital Rabies Clinic

What is Rabies?

Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a contagious virus that attacks your pet’s nervous system. The virus is secreted via saliva and is most commonly transmitted from the infected animal through bites. Rabies can also be transmitted simply through the saliva coming in contact with open wounds on the skin, eyes, nose or mouth. Once symptoms are clearly visible, rabies is almost always fatal.

The Dangers of Rabies

  • Highly contagious for ALL mammals
  • Kills over 59,000 people worldwide every year mostly in countries with underdeveloped dog vaccination programs
  • Potentially fatal
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Paralysis
  • Seizures
  • No treatment once symptoms are visible
  • Rabies can be contracted from various mammals, not just wild dogs or stray cats.
  • Most of the very few cases of human infections in the US have been due to exposure to bats

Benefits of Vaccination

  • Keeps the spread of the virus under control
  • Reduces the number of human infections
  • Prevent infection in outdoor pets
  • Saves you money on costly vet or doctor bills should you or your pet become infected

Asheboro Rabies Clinics

We hold a Rabies Clinic 4 times per year (once each quarter) to help pet owners keep their pets vaccinated, and protected, from Rabies.

Rabies Vaccine


Last Tuesday in the following months:

  • March
  • June
  • September

Second Tuesday in the following months:

  • December