Dr. Yow was truly God sent. Our cat had not eaten in 5 days and was making an unusual hacking noise. She examined him, but he had no signs of sickness (no fever or discharge). She was very thorough and wanted to know his complete history. After Dr. Yow gave me the treatment plan, she said let’s do these tests first to rule out certain diseases. They came back negative, so I agreed to her treatment plan. Because I didn’t want to spend money on a blood panel and his lungs were causing the problem (x-rays were neg.), Dr. Yow suggested he may have lung worms which is uncommon. All the fluids, Vit. B shot, antibiotics, and worm med helped him recover. We are so thankful she thought outside the box just in case, because his lungs have cleared up in less than four days and he is eating well. Thank you so much Dr. Yow, Brave Heart is less than 2 years old and the best cat ever!